The Youth Ministry caters to the needs of the people between 18 to 40 yrs old. They gather after Service on Sundays (except the 3rd Sunday of the month) to fellowship and grow in the Word of God. They have fun filled activities like games and group discussion etc, that encourages interaction and oneness in Christ.

The Youth ministry comprises of the - Teens (13-17) - Youths (18-25) - Young Adults Fellowship (26-40)


This fellowship consists mainly the Indian nationals who attend our church. It serves as a platform for the Indian nationals to share their problems and seek prayer and guidance for their time here in Singapore. The Lord has blessed the ministry tremendously. We thank God that He has raised three pastors who are now serving in India through this ministry.


The main objective of Christian Education is to equip and empower everyone with the knowledge and conviction from the Word of God to lead a meaningful and fruitful life in Christ and be faithful disciples. The Christian Education Ministry holds baptism and confirmation classes regularly to guide new believers in their Christian journey. Another aspect of the Christian Education Ministry is to facilitate training sessions, which address the emotional, and the spiritual needs of the congregation.


The Children Ministry serves children aged 4 to 12. It seeks to impart God’s knowledge from the Bible to children. It aspires to teach and build a vibrant community of children who desire to be disciples of Christ and to know God in a personal way. Apart from the classes conducted on Sundays, the Children Ministry also organizes fun-filled and educational events.


The church is taught the Word of God through cell groups that are spread throughout Singapore. Every cell group is taught the same subject to ensure that the church continues to grow in the knowledge and in the application of the Word of God.


The Women's Ministry is a dynamic platform for women from the ages of 41 years and above to seek God, grow in Him and also interact with other women. The women meet on the third week of every month to worship God, learn from His word and participate in enriching activities with other sisters-in-Christ. They gather to study the bible and draw life principles from it


The men's fellowship of My Saviour's Church aims to foster a community of men who will grow in love for God, and be effective disciples of Jesus Christ. The men's fellowship is an open group that meets at 1pm every 3rd Sunday of the month at My Saviour's Church. They search the scriptures together in order to grow as disciples. They go on prayer retreats as well as outings to enjoy and grow to enjoy the company of like-minded men. All men aged 41 and above are welcomed.


The English Fellowship of My Saviour's Church aims to provide a platform for non-Tamil speakers to worship God in a common language. The fellowship meets every Sunday at 3pm at My Saviour's Church except on the 3rd week. On the 3rd week the fellowship joins the Tamil congregation for a bilingual communion service. At 2pm there is a pre-service prayer where all are welcome to join. Simultaneously the children ministry is also conducted and the children join the service at 3pm. The fellowship also meets at various homes to search the scriptures so that they might grow in love with God and each other.